Grant Street Tracks (GST)

YouTube Series Three, 2018

Here's a pop song we couldn't get out of our heads. It also happened to come second to "Skyfall" at the BRIT Awards in 2013. Our very own Shajeda Kalitzki on lead vocals.

We're back, with our version of the Adele classic Skyfall. Perri Espinoza on lead vocals.

YouTube Series Two, 2017.

We had to make things a bit smooth, and jazzy - so we picked a Bublé classic. Our friend from South Australia, Steve Charles, belts out the hit, "Sway", backed strongly by the Crescendo™ Jazz Orchestra. Check out those trumpet lines!

YouTube Series One, 2016.

"The Call", Regina Spektor from Narnia: Prince Caspian. YouTube Series One, 2016.
Ensemble: The Crescendo™ Orchestra. Vocalist: Amelia Wawrzon. Conductor: Jasen Scott.