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    What we're seeking

    As our business continues to grow, we regularly partner with talented musicians and performers to work with us to deliver our services and products to the public. This group of artists will be our first choice of reference, when executing and delivering new contracts, to work in partnership with us to deliver client requests.

    An ideal supplier will consistently exhibit the following;

    • Technical proficiency in their instrument, and the ability to play across genres from Classical repertoire through to Popular/Jazz/Rock genres;
    • Passion for the Company's mission and core values, and consistently exhibits this throughout their engagements with and for us;
    • A team player, not trying to out-perform everyone around them but working as a team to raise the standard of the collective;
    • Attention to detail and quality of product, always ensuring that the end-result exhibits the quality standards intended by the Company;
    • Clear communication skills, time and financial management of their own personal enterprise;
    • Reliability of service, ensuring to always be on time, deliver products on time, and communicating progress with the client/Company;
    • A partnership approach to business, regularly working with us to achieve both their business goals and the Company's business goals through collaboration and loyalty;
    • Ability to think outside the box, and work with different and challenging circumstances; being comfortable working in a manner different to industry standards;
    • A desire to build a unique career path outside of the standard Classical music industry pathways, and determination to achieve strong career progress in the future.

    All artistic suppliers of our Company should;

    • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN);
    • Hold Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or legal working rights in Australia;
    • Have a system in place for invoicing and billing the Company for their services;
    • Have, or be undertaking, a Bachelor of Music or equivalent degree; and
    • Be over the age of 18 years.

    the process

    The selection process to become a preferred supplier has been developed with consideration by our management team toward the kinds of performers and artists we want to work with us. Aside from top-notch performance ability, we're looking for artists who are passionate about our mission, who work well in our team and have a desire to continually innovate and change with our business' growth.

    The process consists of four rounds:

    1. Expression of Interest Form & CV (+ Audition Video for Vocalists); This is for us to get a context of your business and musical background, and whether our repertoire will suit your performance style;
    2. Group Rehearsal & Assessment; to see how you fit in to our team, your communication skills and spirit, and your focus in a group rehearsal context;
    3. Solo/Sectional Rehearsal; to demonstrate your musical ability, your ability to take direction and change musical interpretations while working with a studio producer;
    4. Partnership Meeting; to find out more about your skills, have direct dialogue with the senior management partners, and discuss your business goals for the near to mid-term future.

    Please Note: Some applicants may be fast-tracked directly to the final round, depending on previous experience and other factors. Progression to Round 4 will be based on performance in the previous three rounds, and not all candidates may progress.

    Current Recruitment rounds have closed, but feel free to submit an expression of interest.

    We'll contact you if we're seeking your skillset for a future client or project.



    Performing lead vocals for us is a big responsibility, which is why there's one extra component to your application. Vocalists need to upload an audition video to YouTube (privacy set to Unlisted... unless you want the world to see it), then add the link(s) to their application form in the space provided.

    Please note that vocalists will be asked to perform backing vocal lines in addition to lead parts.

    You can:

    • Audition with more than one song, as long as you submit an audition video for each;
    • Use a backing track, as long as there are no other voices on the track, and the track does not overpower your voice in the recording;
    • Transpose the key up or down (maximum of a whole tone either way of the recording key);

    You cannot:

    • Use any pitch correction or manipulation software on your voice in the recording;
    • Cut between takes; aka the video you upload should be one take, start to finish;
    • Overdub harmony lines onto the recording; please only perform the lead vocal line (if applicable).

    Any further questions or issues can be sent to If you have any problems submitting your application or EOI, please send an email or call +61 424 984 487.

    If you wish to be considered as a preferred supplier, please select your practice below.


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    Crescendo Music Pty. Ltd.
    Trading as "Crescendo Music Australia"
    Est. Dec 2016

    ACN: 616 577 238
    ABN: 33 616 577 238

    173/416A St Kilda Road
    Melbourne, VIC, 3004

    P:  +61 418 100 319

    Who are we?

    Crescendo Music Australia is a music management and production company. We provide musicians and music-related services to businesses, organisations and the general public to enjoy music in unique environments and unconventional formats.

    Our purpose is to develop a leading production and artists’ management company.

    Our mission is to bring popular music to the forefront of the orchestral genre in Australia.

    A key component of our strategy is to build a community of artists who feel comfortable in an environment which strives for continuous innovation, collaboration and excellence. Our organisation aims to work in partnership with these artists to deliver our product to the industry, audience, and the public, in a sustainable and engaging way.

    Our values are:

    • Excellence – Second best is not good enough; we maintain the highest quality standards in everything we do.
    • Community – Building and maintaining strong ties with new and existing stakeholders, and make them feel a part of the family.
    • Respect – We treat each other equally and equitably throughout every engagement.
    • Loyalty – Encouraging a strong sense of community, trust and solidarity within our brand and company, ensuring to place the needs of the collective above personal interests. 
    • Innovation – We’re on the forefront of creativity, willing to take and make new opportunities, and always remaining flexible.
    • Collaboration – Providing an open and equitable environment so that creative spirit can thrive, whilst being approachable and inclusive.
    • Growth – Placing priority on development, expansion, training and educating our stakeholders, allowing both personal and organizational growth.
    • Spirit – We foster camaraderie and care for one another through a mutual and pure passion for our mission.

    why partner with us?

    We pride ourselves on working with the next generation of artists, and bringing a new approach and mindset to working in the professional music industry. We foster an environment of growth, collaboration and community, to build a sense of pride and family in our work.

    Our mission is simple: to bring popular music to the forefront of the orchestral genre in Australia. We will achieve this mission by building an alternative career path to the state-based orchestras, through careful planning and consideration of the current audience & market, to deliver what so many audiences have been dying for - an orchestral concert they can relax and enjoy.

    You'll work alongside our team of professional artists and managers to plan how our business plan will work to achieve your career and business goals. We take a close partnership approach to our Preferred Artistic Suppliers; a relationship built on open, honest communication, attention to detail, quality, innovation and collaboration.

    As a Preferred Artistic Supplier, for all contracted work, our management team have voluntarily elected to pay 9.5% superannuation in addition to agreed fees, regardless of whether or not we are required to do so by law. We stand for industry growth & sustainability, and don't accept contracts where fair & reasonable remuneration isn't achieved.

    With our focus on innovation & collaboration, our Preferred Artistic Suppliers have the opportunity to influence our Artistic Planning & Programming. We open our doors to our planning process, and encourage each and every one of our artists to have their say, and push the boundaries of thinking.

    Together, we can build a new wave of appreciation for the orchestra in Australia, and our partnership with our Preferred Suppliers is a key component of achieving that goal.

    Sound like your jam? Apply now.