We're Crescendo Music Australia.

It's an unfortunate reality that audiences of the 21st century are beginning to disengage with classical orchestras and traditional repertoire, despite enrolments in classical music degrees being higher than ever before. The organisations that deliver these services struggle to connect with modern, diverse audiences. Simultaneously, they tend to operate in an outdated model that is not independently sustainable.

Enter: Crescendo Music Australia.

Our purpose is to develop a leading production and artists’ management company. We will engage 21st century audiences with the orchestral format by shaping it within the popular & modern musical genres.

Our strategy is to build a community of artists who feel comfortable in an environment which strives for continuous innovation, collaboration and excellence. Our organisation aims to market and manage these artists and their products to the industry, audience, and the public, in a sustainable, and yet, engaging, way.

our values

  • Excellence – Second best is not good enough; we maintain the highest quality standards in everything we do.

  • Community – Building and maintaining strong ties with new and existing stakeholders, and make them feel a part of the family.

  • Respect – We treat each other equally and equitably throughout every engagement.

  • Loyalty – Encouraging a strong sense of community, trust and solidarity within our brand and company, ensuring to place the needs of the collective above personal interests. 

  • Innovation – We’re on the forefront of creativity, willing to take and make new opportunities, and always remaining flexible.

  • Collaboration – Providing an open and equitable environment so that creative spirit can thrive, whilst being approachable and inclusive.

  • Growth – Placing priority on development, expansion, training and educating our stakeholders, allowing both personal and organizational growth.

  • Spirit – We foster camaraderie and care for one another through a mutual and pure passion for our mission.